Cine sunt


– nutriționist-dietetician, absolvent al Universității de Medicină și Farmacie ”Victor Babeș” din Timișoara;
– promotor al sănătății prin educație nutrițională;
– adept al științei ca sursă de aflare a adevărului și luare a deciziilor;
– convins că sănătatea și alimentația sunt puternic corelate, dar totul începe cu informarea și mai apoi cu atitudinea.

Ce am făcut


– Membru al Consiliului Național al Colegiului Dieteticienilor din România (reprezentant al Colegiului Teriorial al Dieteticienilor – jud. Timiș);
– Creator al ”META SANA – Programul pentru dobândirea sănătății și a compoziției corporale optime.” Împreună cu 2 psihologi specialiști în psihologie experiențială și un antrenor specializat în functional fitness am creeat un program de 3 luni pentru educare și modelare activă a obiceiurilor (prin cursuri, seminarii, ateliere și ședințe de antrenament) cu scopul de a obține rezultate pozitive asupra sănătății pe termen lung (metasana.ro);
– Speaker pentru firme și grupuri organizate, pe teme de alimentație adecvată și sănătate (lista mai jos);
– Creator al “SAPIENS SMART FOOD”, un serviciu de catering cu mese și meniuri compuse pe baza principiilor nutriționale (foodsapiens.ro);
– Colaborator Smart Fit 3 ani consecutivi ca nutriționist al programului “FIND YOUR GREATNESS”;
– Formator în cursul pentru Tehnician Nutriționist în cadrul școlii General Mentor din Timișoara;

Apariții media


– Vice Romania
– Agenda Zilei Timișoara
– Revista ”În Bine”
– Fii Fresh (program Primăria Timișoara)
– StiriPentruCopii.com



What is “life quality”?

  1. Stable energy levels and less fatigue
  2. Better mental performance
  3. Optimal body composition and physical stamina
  4. Adapted neuro-hormonal response to stress
  5. Improved immunity
  6. Chronic disease prevention

All communities, big and small (families, schools, companies), can benefit greatly from making better lifestyle choices regarding food, physical activity level, daily habits, stress management tools, and also by choosing wisely when it comes to rewarding ourselves, particular by forming less destructive habits. All of these can be achieved if people are presented with simple strategies, that take less time and effort and which have a direct measurable positive impact on their lives.



1. Creșterea calitatea vieții (și implicit a fericirii) este ;
2. Sănătatea este unul dintre elementele de la baza calității vieții, iar sănătatea se obține ușor prin prevenție și mai greu prin tratament;
3. Elemente esențiale pentru sănătate: alimentația adecvată, evitarea sedentarismului, calitatea și cantitatea somnului;
4. Informarea este catalizatorul schimbării;
5. Valul de informații false și de proastă calitate ne afectează alegerile și adaugă la;
6. Pentru a face o schimbare avem nevoie de informații clare, bazate pe dovezi științifice, ușor de înțeles și aplicabile imediat, cu cât mai puțin efort. Schimbări mici cu efecte mari.

Why Work With Me


All services, seminar packs, workshops, materials and future potential collaborations are fully customizable.


The goal of all educational services is to bring easily-applicable, life-long solutions to all current health-compromising habits.


Presentations have a dynamic and engaging style. They include videos, riddles, games and a lot of interaction in order to create strong memories.


Even though science is a big part of the Meta Sana program, it is built for anyone to understand and relate to.


The field nutrition is overwhelmed by false facts and opinions. Rest assured, Meta Sana is science-based.


Information and education is meant for groups of prople but one-to-one open discussions and Q&As support individual needs.

Recent Work



Nutrition Overview 2
Thanks to Continental for their vision. Our second seminar, but our first one online. A presentation on general aspects regarding healty eating habits and the importance of nutrition.
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Nutrition Overveiw
A second encounter with this wonderful NGO, this time online. A presentation on key nutritional healthy practices. Quite an engaging audience! Was really fun!
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Find Your Greatness
3rd consecutive, 3-month fatloss and health promoting program for obese people. Thanks to the Smart Fit fitness center chain for our amazing collaboration. We share the same purpose!
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Health & Nutrition
Live seminar about the connection between health and nutrition, and once again, a quarantine session (FB live) for all Sustainalytics employees in Romania. Smart people, thanks for having me!
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Nutrition Overview
Held one cozy seminar that ended with about 1h of open discussions. Very engaging and knowledge-hungry crowd. Had a great time!
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Nutrition Overview
Held some nutrition overview seminars as well as smoothie workshops. Aptiv = fresh outlook on employee well-being! Thanks for having me!
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Brain Food
Minds Hub branded presentation about the relationship between nutrition and cognitive functions. Organized for (but not limited to) students.
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Health @Work
Live smoothie workshops with practical pointers on smoothie best practices. Upcoming seminars (2020) on office-specific health issues like stress, coffee consumption, posture, munching and lunch options.
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Weight Loss Program
Designed a 3-month sustainable fat loss and health program for a group of 40 overweight participants with a life-long goal in mind.
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Nutrition Seminars
Three seminars on nutrition and a 1-month challenge. First true corporate challenge. Big thank you to Frontier Silicon for their open-mindedness and for believing in me!
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Sebastian was my student in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara. I first noticed him because he got excellent grades at my Physics and Body Composition Assessment courses. Later, working with him on a project and publishing a paper, I came to appreciate his management skills and his gift for clear and passionate public speaking on topics related to health and nutrition. Nevertheless, what I value most about Sebastian is his keen curiosity and ability to stay up to date in the field of nutrition. It is exciting to discuss recent papers with him!

Prof. Adrian Neagu, UMFT Victor Babes

I met Sebastian this year at the first edition of “Aptiv Health Week” and I was surprise to find a different approach on nutrition presented by a young, enthusiastic and dedicated professional. In our aim to educate and raise awareness he captivated us with great simple information, but scientifically based. Positive feedback and relevant insights received from all the colleagues that attended the Good Life program. Thank you, Sebastian!”

Irina Dan, Country HR Operations - Aptiv

“It’s not easy to educate people these days, when we are all one click away from information on just about anything, but Sebastian managed to teach us with lots of patience and even more enthusiasm about the deep implications of nutrition in our lives. Feedback for our extended nutrition training with Sebastian has been amazing. I measure success with results, so today I can tell you we don’t have any overweight employees, but we have many that have changed their lifestyle and many that are more fit then ever before. Be prepared for an infusion of energy and knowledge if you choose to work with him, and loads of determination to follow through.”

Alina Gafu, HR Manager - Frontier Silicon

When looking for a full option professional in nutrition and dietetics Sebastian is the answer. Not only is he extraordinarily prepared on scientific matters, but he also has fantastic presentation skills. Educating people on nutrition is really his life goal, putting it in practice with passion and dedication. We are in good hands!”

Ana-Maria Popa, founder - Personall

“Seb is an amazing professional. Not only is great at making things simple and actionable but most importantly he delivers results. His advice is sound, his instructions are clear and he does it all with a positive demeanour. I had a great experience working with him and got very good results every time.

Bogdan Cristea, Strategy Consultant - Barebone London

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