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Optimal nutrition

about me

  • I AM nutriționist-dietetician, absolvent al specializării ”Nutriție și dietetică” din cadrul Universității de Medicină și Farmacie ”Victor Babeș” din Timișoara (2015);
  • I PROMOTE alimentația pentru prevenție și optimizarea sănătății;
  • EVIT extremele în alimentație, dietele limitative, sursele nefondate de informație și trendurile;
  • I USE science as a basis for my understanding of this field and I educate people on the importance of having basic scientific literacy or trusting professionals who do so, as to avoid the avalanche of misinformation that has deeply damaged our common understanding. of the world we live in.
  • IKNOW that there is a deep connection between nutrition and all "modern" chronic diseases (like cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, diabetes and obesity and dementia).
  • VREAU o societate care prioritizează alimentația din grădinițe, școli și spitale.

Professional activity

  • Member of the National Council of the Dietitian's College of Romania (reprezentant Colegiul Teritorial al Dieteticienilor - jud. Timiș); (link)
  • Membru ”Societatea Română pentru Științele Nutriției” (link)
  • Collaborator SPHERES Association collaborator.; pentru Inovare, Cercetare și Educație Responsabilă – realizator al unui curs complet de nutriție sub îndrumarea prof. Mihai Niculescu; (link)
  • Nutriționist-dietetician în cadrul clinicii ArTerra Health Timișoara (link)
  • Nutriționist-dietetician în cadrul clinicii Medici's - Medlife Timișoara (link)
  • Colaborator al Smart Fit și formator Smart Fit Academy. Nutriționist al programului "FIND YOUR GREATNESS", pentru persoane cu obezitate (2018-2020).
  • Creator of ”META SANA”” - Programul educațional pentru corectarea obezității și optimizarea sănătății (link)
  • Speaker in the Good Life Program. Held multiple talks and presentations on matters of nutrition and health, to multinational companies, NGOs, kindergartens, etc (scroll down for a complete list).
  • Creator of "Sapiens Smart Food" și ”NutriFood” (meal subscription service), servicii de catering cu mese și meniuri compuse pe baza principiilor nutriționale;

Este un drept fundamental al fiecărui om să se bucure de cel mai înalt standard de sănătate.

“The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human.”


Education and Information

Trusted, verifiable, useful information is the gateway towards positive and constructive change. This is why I chose to dedicate a large portion of my time to promoting the importance of nutrition. How is your health influenced by nutrition? What do the leading medical treatment, education and research institutions in the world have to say about this? Who should you trust? What is a ”healthy diet”, really? Nothings brings me more joy than putting people on a balanced, confusion-free, science-based path towards making lasting changes for better health and chronic disease prevention.


Nutrition consultation private practice (face-to-face and online)

Colaborări Horeca: Ordin ANPC 201/2022 (click pt detalii), elaborări de meniuri, optimizarea rețetelor, etc

Seminars & Presentations

Multumesc Wellbeing@Work și Personall Agency pentru încredere și parteneriat.


  • ARTERRA CLINIC. Busting nutrition myths in the name of science.
  • KIPINA KINDERGRATEN. Two talks about the importance of nutrition for children's development, one of them for a county-level educational project.
  • INFOBEST. Long webinar about nutrition's role in general wellbeing. Broad subject, lots to talk about. Hope your wellbeing is soaring! 🙂
  • IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES. Round 2! Discussed nootropics and answered quite a few questions the team collected beforehand. Thanks for having me! Great crowd!


  • IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES. Part of their BRAIN&MIND awareness month, I prepared a 90min presentation on some recent findings on the nutrition-mind connection. Hope I helped change some minds.
  • MORE4ALL. A wonderful NGO. Pro-bono workshop to help improve this team's health. We want you functioning at max capacity! 🙂 Thanks for all your work and dedication!


  • MINDS HUB. A second encounter with this wonderful NGO, but this time online. A presentation on key healthy nutritional strategies. Quite an engaging audience, so it was really fun!
  • SMART FIT. 3rd consecutive, 3-month fat loss and health promoting program to combat obesity. Thank you Smart Fit for our amazing and long-lasting collaboration. We share the same purpose!
  • CONTINENTAL CONTITECH. An online seminar on the importance of food for health. A presentation on general aspects regarding healthy eating habits and the importance of nutrition.
  • APTIV. Very grateful to talk to this smart bunch again. A lot of positive vibes and very engaging discussions. Many thanks!


  • CONTINENTAL. Held one cosy seminar on various nutrition topics that ended with about 1h of open discussions. Very engaging and knowledge-hungry crowd. Had a great time!
  • SUSTAINALYTICS. Online seminar about the connection between health and nutrition, and once again, a quarantine session for all Sustainalytics employees in Romania. Smart and knowledgeable crowd. Enjoyed the question storm! 🙂
  • Rotaract (Rotary Youth) Timisoara & Iasi Two session, online of course (thanks a lot Corona) for a young audience this time. Was happy to share some info with this very friendly crowd.


  • BOSCH. General nutrition introduction and smoothie workshops with practical tips and best practices. Upcoming seminars (2020) on office-specific health issues like stress, coffee consumption, posture, munching and lunch options.
  • SMART FIT. An improved version of the 2018 three-month sustainable fat loss and health program for a group of 40 overweight participants with a life-long goal in mind.
  • APTIV. Held two separate seminars entitled ”Introduction in Nutrition” followed by a smoothie workshop each. Aptiv clearly has a fresh outlook on employee well-being.


  • MINDS HUB. Minds Hub branded presentation about the relationship between nutrition and cognitive functions. Organized for (but not limited to) students.
  • SMART FIT. Designed a 3-month sustainable fat loss and health program for a group of 40 overweight participants with a life-long goal in mind.


  • FRONTIER SILICON. Three seminars on nutrition and a 1-month challenge. First true corporate challenge. Big thank you to Frontier Silicon for their open-mindedness and for believing in me!